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Pyrethrum TR Provides:
• The effectiveness and convenience of total release foggers
• A 12-hour REI (re-entry interval) and a quick start to the REI clock
• Broad-spectrum insect control on a wide variety of greenhouse crops
• Flushing activity that increases exposure when used in combination with other insecticides
• Efficiency and profitability
• Coverage up to 3,000 square feet Pyrethrum® TR Insecticide Pests Controlled .

Pyrethrum TR Insecticide Fogger -Kills Adult Fungus Gnats, Spider Mites & More

$36.50 Precio
$25.92Precio de oferta
  • Active Ingredient: Pyrethrins - 4.0% Piperonyl Butoxide, Technical - 16.0%
    Target pests: Ants (excluding Fire Ants), Aphids, Beetles (Colorado Potato Beetle, Confused Flour Beetles, Cucumber Beetles, Dried Fruit Beetles, Flea Beetles, Red Flour Beetles, Watemelon Beetles), Cabbage Worms, Cadelles, Centipedes, Crickets, Fungus Gnats, Hornworms, Indian Meal Moths, Leafhoppers, Mealy Bugs, Mediterranean Flour Moths, Mites, Moths, Rose Aphids, Rose Chafers, Rose Slugs, Scale, Silverfish, Spider Mites, Spiders, Trogoderma, Thrips, and Whiteflies
    For use in: Garden Centers, Greenhouses, Hobby Greenhouses, Nurseries, Ornamentals, Flowering Plants, Root and Tuber Vegetables, Bulb Vegetables, Leafy Vegetables, Brassica (cole) Leafy Vegetables, Legume Vegetables, Fruiting Vegetables, Cucurbit Vegetables, Bedding Plants, Cut Flowers, Flowering Hanging Baskets, Foliage, Potted Flowering Plants and Ornamentals
    Pet safe: Yes, when used as directed.
    Yield: Treats up to 3,000 feet
    NOT FOR SALE TO: Prohibited states
    Shipping Weight: 0.25 lbs
    Manufactured By: BASF
    UPC: 804338118617
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