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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We started this business 20 years ago to help others facing the same common issues we would encounter as indoor growers. Trying to grow organically, we researched and tested products until we found a solution to each issue that worked best.


Unfortunately, there is not a pure organic solution for every problem but we did find  the safest non-systemic way to handle them all.


You will notice we only offer a handful of products in the store.


We have used and tested hundreds of products and these are the ones we truly believe in and stand behind.


There are other products that we could sell to increase revenue and there are certainly many other products that work fine, but we only sell products we determined to be superior and environmentally friendly.   


"This is not just my business, it is also my passion"

After selling on eBay and Amazon for years we created this website for the store where we can offer the same products at a lower price.


Buying through a "middle man" like eBay or Amazon does have the advantage of trusted testimonial feedback.


We can't link to our website from eBay but we can link to eBay from our website where you can shop and read years of feedback. 

eBay: OrganicBti

Thank you for growing organically and please contact us whenever you need any advice or assistance in your grow.

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