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For best results use the top 3 miticides in rotation:
Floramite, Oberon (Forbid), and Abamectin (Minx 2 / Avid)


1 ounce concentrate makes: 
12.5 - 25 gallons of solution. 


1 mL pipet included.

Bifenazate (FLORAMITE) Spider Mite Control.

  • The following is a quick overview of the important things to know. 
    It is not a replacement for the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) that comes with the products. 
    This is safe to use if you use it as directed. 
    Make sure you read the MSDS sheets thoroughly before you use this product. 
    USE RATES AND RECOMMENDATIONS: (Apply's to both products)

    (1⁄4 -1⁄2 tsp./gal) and apply as a full coverage spray to the foliage.
    Thoroughly spray both top and bottom of the leaf, dunking plants whenever possible.
    Do not use as a soil drench!
    Application should be made as soon as mites appear and will provide residual control for up to 28 days.
    Use the low rate for preventative applications or where mite infestations are light.
    Mixing instructions: 
    Fill the spray tank with 1/2 the desired amount of pH adjusted water (5.5 to 6.5)
    Then add the required amount of Floramite with agitation to fully disperse the product.
    Then fill the tank with the remaining amount of required water and use within 12 hours. 
    Wear protective gloves, goggles, respirator, long sleeve shirt, pants etc. when working with this product.
    This is a chemical product, not an organic product.
    Do not re-enter application area for 12 hours after spraying.
    The higher rate may be required for
    heavy infestations or for extended residual control. For optimum
    coverage of ornamentals with hard to wet foliage, an adjuvant
    (wetting agent) can be added to the FLORAMITE SC/water solution.   
    Do not use adjuvants in solutions applied to greenhouse tomatoes.  
    NOTE: Floramite is not effective against rust
    mites, broad mites and flat mites. Avid is effective against rust mites and broad mites but not flat mites.
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