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For best results use the top 3 miticides in rotation:
Floramite, Oberon (Forbid), and Abamectin (Minx 2 / Avid)


 1 ounce concentrate makes:
12.5 -25 gallons of solution.


1mL pipet included.

Oberon (aka FORBID 4F) Spiromesifen - Miticide Spider Mites & White Flies

  • Oberon 4 SC is an Insecticide mfg by Bayer AKA "Forbid 4F" also manufactured by Bayer (Same active ingredients used under both labels) (Spiromesifen)

    Oberon insecticide/miticide is a highly effective product that provides effective residual activity on all pest life stages. 

    Oberon is a member of the new chemical class of tetronic acids.

    Oberon has a new and unique mode of action classified as a Lipid Biosynthesis Inhibitor (LBI) that is different from all commercially available insecticides and miticides. 

    Oberon is active against all developmental stages of mites, including eggs and adults. 

    Visual symptoms of poisoning include flabby legs, paralysis, egg accumulation in females, dehydration and molting inhibition, all of which lead to reduced fecundity and/or mortality.

    What pests are controlled?

    Oberon is very active on a spectrum of mites, whiteflies and psyllids.

    • Mite, Banks Grass 
    • Mite, Broad 
    • Mite, Tomato Russet 
    • Psylla, Potato 
    • Psylla, Tomato 
    • Psyllid, Potato 
    • Psyllid, Tomato 
    • Spider Mite, Carmine 
    • Spider Mite, Desert 
    • Spider Mite, Pacific 
    • Spider Mite, Strawberry 
    • Spider Mite, Two-Spotted 
    • Whitefly 
    • Whitefly, Greenhouse 
    • Whitefly, Silverleaf 
    • Whitefly, Sweetpotato 

    2.8 to 8 fl. oz. (80 - 240 mL) per 100 gallons of spray solution 
    4 - 12 mL per 5 gallons of spray solution

    0.8 - 2.4 mL per 1 gallon of spray solution
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